About Veronica

I live and work in Sacramento. I love California, but some days I miss the state fairs and church dinners of my native Midwest. I consider myself an enthusiastic generalist and use this blog to reflect on whatever policy issues catch my fancy.

I am currently the Land Use Policy Director at Sacramento Housing Alliance. My work focuses on regional equity, keeping Transit-Oriented Development and other smart growth affordable, and involving all communities in the planning process.

Prior to moving to Sacramento I worked in city government advocating for Complete Streets and making the world a better place by parsing parking policy.  I have worked for small businesses and non-profits. I have worked for global corporations (if you want to know what tape to use on that home improvement project, I am your gal). I can organize a prop room or supply closet like you would not believe. I once broke into an anarchist-run book depository to organize the books.

I am a graduate of the Masters of Public Policy program at Mills College. You can read some of my academic work here.




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