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What’s that little fancy ‘s’ that shows up when you talk about laws?

22 Jun

I’ve been seeing little § marks crop up in the things I read for years now. It wasn’t until today that I learned it is called a “section sign,” and can be created with a simple Windows Alt code: [Alt] + [2] [1]. I don’t have to copy and paste from whatever I’m reading any more!

Here’s a neat little blog about the origins of various typographic marks, including the section sign:

Typographic Marks Unknown | Retinart.


Staying academically sharp over the summer (and the rest of your life)

4 Jun

It’s hard to believe that my formal educational career is over, or at least over for now. I have my Master’s degree. No longer will I have professors, syllabuses,  and reading lists carefully curated to keep me thinking big thoughts. For ow on, my education is a quite a bit more up to me.

Luckily, in a world that contains Khan Academy, open course material from all kinds of major universities, and  all the TED talks you can handle, staying academically engaged even outside the actual academy is easier than ever. My friend and colleague Lili is blogging over at GradGuru, and recently asked “What are you doing this summer?“. My main goal this summer is to start learning how to code with CodeAcademy. How about you?