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Challenge #6: I’m live!

20 Sep

Thanks to some help from Mr. Runeman and other classmates over at P2PU, http://diy.veronicabeaty.com/ is up and running. I’ve even written a little css code to make it look more interesting.

I’m faced with a strangely strong kind of writer’s block though. I want to learn more about how to make it look nice, but I have no idea what sort of content to fill it with. Which is extra silly, since I create web content of one form or another almost daily on social networks. I guess this is the problem with keeping my blog at WordPress. I’m also facing up to a certain about of design elitism — I’m used to using the looks of  a website as a little heuristic for the veracity and quality of the content. This leads to me feeling like a simple website such as mine is only fit for conspiracy theories and maybe a homemade candle business.

Ah well,  I’m sure I’ll get over this judgmental mindset soon enough. If nothing else, I’ve been meaning to learn how to make candles.