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Challenge #4: HTML Hunting in the World Around You

1 Sep

For my fourth School of Webcraft challenge, I looked for HTML-like things in a walk around the block. I came up with the idea for this video quickly, because I felt it conveyed what my thought patterns were like post-HTML-lesson, suddenly seeing things in terms of tags. My bi-weekly dessert quest, transformed!

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with video editing software at all, so I probably spent more time fiddling with that than I did learning the basic HTML tags. This is also the first thing I’ve shot in stop motion, which was easier to do than I expected, but also harder to do well, particularly on a public street where you don’t want to be the creep with a camera. Where’s my Google Glass already?

Under the cut are my explanations for my choice of tags/object pairs and some credits from the video.

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Intern Life: Lunch Routine

30 Jan

There is a lot of good advice out there about using your lunch hour to strategically improve your professional relationships, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes being an intern means that the interesting people are too busy eat with you. Besides, half the fun of starting a new job is learning the area around it. With those ideas in mind, I thought I’d share my personal eating-alone lunch routine.

Working at the City of Oakland has led me to spend a lot more time Downtown. Where before I only saw the late night fun side of the City Center, now I get to be part of the professional bustle, all business-ware and cell phones. Because there is such a daytime population around Frank Ogawa (or is it Oscar Grant?) Plaza, there’s no shortage of coffeeshops and lunch places from which to choose . Here’s my usual routine, guaranteed to lift the spirits, stay in budget, and be over before your coworkers know you’re gone.

Step 1: Coffee at Cafe Teatro   – $2 for a large drip coffee

Locally-owned Cafe Teatro is the kind of place you probably don’t notice if you don’t work downtown. Located off a side entrance to the Plaza, it’s hard to see from the street, and the hours are on an office worker’s schedule – closes and 4 pm, and nothing on weekends. But for that demographic, the Cafe is perfect – fast, friendly service; a floor plan that facilitates flow-through; and little tables if you’d rather hide out for a while. Their baked goods are also really excellent. Cafe Teatro was also recently written about on the blog  Living in the O, in their  “Rediscovering Downtown Oakland” series.

Step 2: Hot dog at Rebel Dog – $3 for a hot dog (tax included)

Rebel Dog (née Top Dog) is another gem that might easily go unnoticed. The store isn’t much more than a grill for the hot dogs and a place to stand while you watch them on the grill. And it doesn’t need anything else. The hot dogs are basically the best ever, and the toasted sesame buns are great. The service varies from “like it was in the good old days” to “greasy spoon waitress sass,” so it works best if you share their goal of getting your dog as quickly as possible and clearing the way for others to do the same. There’s a bevy of condiments and a good soda selection, too, if the dog’s not enough for you. Plus their location lets you move on to…

Step 3: Look at kittens at the SPCA – free!

Right around the corner from Rebel Dog is an East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Being an intern often means also being at a stage in your life where you can’t have pets. For those animal-lovers among us, that can be a downer. Luckily, the SPCA knows what you need: big windows tolook at kittens through. With hot dog in hand, watch some little cats bat at string, and you’ll be ready to go back to your desk in no time.

So next time you find yourself without an engaging lunch partner, take a stroll around your workplace and find your own fun!