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Better Gmail signature lines

30 Nov

I recently added a signature line to my emails. Usually I dislike signature lines — the misattributed  inspirational quotes, the sudden 16 point Comic Sans. But I realized how much I appreciate having all of a person’s contact information attached to their emails, particularly when I can search archived conversations in Gmail. Plus, I figured the more people who know I’m a public policy major, the more chances for awesome jobs I have.

I noticed, however, that when I was exchanging emails with people, the bottom of our conversation was cluttered with my phone number, major and graduation year. Over and over. I looked like a pompous jerk. A pompous jerk who couldn’t use email.

Luckily, Keith C. and Dave C. have created  a Gmail add-on that solves exactly this called “Signature Tweaks.” Check it out in the Labs.

For this and more small ways to make a Gmail signature line that doesn’t suck, check out this Mashable article.


Toning down your digital rhetoric in one simple step!

29 Nov

Have you ever started writing a concerned email, but realized YOU JUST SEEMED ANGRY?

Have you ever started writing a YouTube comment, but realized it didn’t convey exactly HOW FREAKIN’ CUTE THIS KITTEN IS?

Today I learned that highlighting text and hitting shift+F3 will switch text from ALL CAPS YELLING to reasonable, friendly lower case.


Er, I mean, how cool is that?