Today’s blog is presented as a page on Codeacademy

24 Sep

Today’s blog is presented as a page on Codeacademy

Practice makes perfect, right?

And speaking of Codeacademy, when will someone make their badges all open and portable via Mozilla Backpack? I can’t believe there’s a way to put your Foursquare badges in your backpack, but not your Codeacademy badges.


3 Responses to “Today’s blog is presented as a page on Codeacademy”

  1. Algot Runeman September 24, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    Have you considered adding the practice page from Codecademy to your actual site?

    Another possible path would be to create some pages (with the css file you currently use) which have content which actually interests you. Focus initially on getting some pages you will want to display for others.

    As you move ahead, let your css styles change as your skill grows. If you use a common stylesheet for many pages, the “look” will stay consistent.

    Do not wait for perfection. Other things will get in the way of your learning, and the site will stall right along with the delays. If you start real site pages now, you can redo them later to conform to your new style.

    Go for it!

    • veronicabeaty September 24, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

      No worries, I added modified my second practice page of the day into some little webpage content: No stagnation yet!

      Somehow I still find the “content that interests you” part to be difficult, but we shall see.

      As always, thanks for the encouragement.

      • Algot Runeman September 25, 2013 at 5:22 am #

        I hesitate to point to my own site as any kind of example. I’m no sort of Web pro. Every amateur effort I make, though, has made me look at my work and try to make it better.
        I have no specific pages to point you to, except perhaps,
        which I use to keep track of my fiction reading. It illustrates the “content that interests you” part. Compare the current year to years past. I’ve changed my presentation. When I began, I was using a WYSIWYG tool.

        If you look at the style use in paragraphs (with the stylesheet), you’ll see I’m experimenting with lots of things as I continue to mark up my reading as a web page.

        I do not expect that others will care about my notes. I really just wanted to make a list originally, so I wouldn’t forget what I had read. I decided to make the list a series of web pages. In fact, I’m considering doing either a php or Python/Django interactive page in the future which will allow me to do interactive searches by author, genre, year, format, etc. That is ahead of me. I’m not ready to do the work. The process of making pages with gradual change is what I’m pointing to.

        By comparison, I would point you to the clipart page.
        It was done with the WYSIWYG tool called Kompozer, which I still like, and still use as I add new clipart. The page is mostly a table. I know tables have been mainly replaced by CSS. Once again, though, I have not published enough stuff to warrant the work of converting to an interactive version or css version, either.

        Getting “stuff” out there is the point. Making it the material for your experiments and developing web skills is not merely an academic exercise. But you get to work on the skills while sharing.

        Keep up the good work, Veronica.

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